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Our noble cause is to promote and grow ‘businesses for good’.  We envision nonprofits financially sustaining themselves through social ventures and for-profits finding or furthering their social missions, giving them both a market advantage while simultaneously increasing their investment in social purpose.

Since 2015, we have used our collective experience (in corporate & nonprofit leadership) and our nationwide network to help organizations thrive by growing their social impact and building a healthier bottom line.

The choices between ‘doing well financially’ or ‘doing good for others’  are no longer the only two options. you can do both; we can show you how.

glenn + co offers consulting, coaching and capacity building to help nonprofits become more business savvy and for-profits to become more socially responsible

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Have you noticed an increase in the number of for-profit companies embracing social and/or environmental impact as a core value? Consumers are demanding businesses move beyond just making profits, they must find purpose to positively impact society and our world. 

A compelling purpose can bring about long lasting positive change to your organization and the folks that engage with it.  It can…

  • improve your public image
  • grow customer loyalty
  • attract and retain passionate employees
  • increase business performance

why does it matter to nonprofits...

Nonprofits, on the other hand, need to reimagine who they are, what they do and how they do it.  Business as usual is no longer enough to deliver the results needed to make an impact. They need to implement new tools and approaches to generate greater impact and advance their missions. 

With a population of more than 92 million, millenials are the largest generation in us history and present a tremendous opportunity for nonprofits. they…

  • are more charitable than any other generation
  • are more educated – with more 63% having degrees
  • place significant value on experience over tangible things

traditional methods of engagement will fall flat with this generation. to successfully engage with millenials, organizations must consider the following:

  • they are the most ethnically diverse and open minded of past generations
  • social responsibility is more important then brand loyalty
  • they don’t want to simply donate, they are impact investors
  • social media is their preferred method of giving/receiving information so allows them access to larger more global networks

we celebrate our partners and clients who are forging change and transformation through social innovation, partnership, thought leadership, and good business

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